Effects of Aloe Vera
Effects of Aloe Vera

Side Effects of Aloe Vera and Precautions When Caring for Facial Skin with Aloe Vera

Saturday - 25/05/2024 00:06
Using aloe vera (or Aloe Vera gel) for skincare has long been practiced by women and has brought about significant improvements in their appearance. Below are some side effects to consider before using aloe vera for beauty purposes.
  1. Side Effects of Aloe Vera Aloe vera is generally considered safe for topical use; however, it should be avoided if you have severe burns or large wounds.
    • Some people may experience burns or itching after applying aloe vera gel, so it really depends on your skin. Aloe vera gel should not be applied to infected skin as it may disrupt the healing process.
    • Prolonged use of aloe vera gel may cause skin allergies such as inflammation, itching, or redness around the eyes. Other side effects on the skin include dryness, stiffness, the development of dark spots, and cracking. Moreover, applying gel and exposing it to sunlight may cause rashes, irritation, or sunburn.
    • Aloe vera is linked to lowering blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetic patients should be more cautious when using aloe vera.
  2. Precautions When Caring for Facial Skin with Aloe Vera When applying beauty treatments with aloe vera, it is important to note:
    • During the processing of aloe vera, caution and hygiene should be maintained, and hands should be kept clean to prevent other bacteria from adhering to the mixture, which may affect the skin.
    • Use fresh and green aloe vera, rich in water, to provide the necessary nutrients for your skin.
    • Before applying an aloe vera mask, it is advisable to apply a small amount to your hand or neck to check for any allergic reactions, to prevent irritation of facial skin.
    • Typically, aloe vera masks should be left on for 15 to 20 minutes; leaving them on for too long may cause adverse effects on the skin.
    • Note that the yellow resin of aloe vera may cause the skin to lose moisture and become dry, so it should be cleaned before use.
    • It is recommended to apply aloe vera masks in the evening before going to bed for optimal results. During the day, sunscreen should be applied, and adequate protection should be provided to prevent darkening of the skin from exposure to sunlight.
    • Avoid getting aloe vera resin into the eyes or open wounds. It is also not advisable to apply aloe vera too often on immature skin areas, as it may lead to stubborn scars that are difficult to treat.
    • Additionally, excessive consumption or ingestion of aloe vera over a long period may lead to kidney failure. Although aloe vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it may disrupt the wound healing cycle.
    • According to experts, the large molecular size of the nutrients in natural masks cannot penetrate deep into the skin or affect melanin, the factor determining skin color. Therefore, applying masks can only temporarily moisturize and smooth the skin, rather than directly whitening it.
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